Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heights to reach

Dreams Floats in Silence through its Dim Field...Image by -RejiK via Flickr
Common man shares just innocense in senseless pride.
Crude deep technology are being developed but much of it are not indian participation,and even if it is then he is supposedly an NRI. Indians have the best brains but it is most of it directed towards corruption and the rest is never given a chance. I was only exposed to the fact of corruption supressing creativity, intelligence and innocence when i grew 19. I could just see the discrimination to the intelligence made during the CET councelling on the basis of caste, and to avoid it,people would buy officials on their side to get rural certificates or fake caste certificates.To gain scholarship, they would make fake income certificates. Though i was angry but i knew that there is no other choice because the system itself is not an audited one.How can the government bvelieve that scholarship  
is the right of only those ppl who earn less than 11000 per annum. Virtually everyone earns more than that else he cannot survive. Ok, i may admit that there are poor people whome we need to help but the fact is that these people are getting no facilities at all instead i myself know people who earn in lakhs but have income certificate of that sort in hand and not only that ,they have green cards too.
I'm not the one who blames these people because its not there mistake but its the system and its officers who help them do such mistakes. Everybody say the same thing when i point out these issues" U r still young with hot blood and u do not know about this world, slowly you'll accept it and be the same like others". I fear that this will happen. I had paid 100 rs to tc on my way to mumbai from b'lore to get a berth for myself to sleep during the night. I did not had to do that but i knew,if i wouldn't than someone else will get that seat. It is the duty of the TTE to do this work for free but he has to run a family or(if he's potential to take care of that) than he has to quench is thirst for earnng more. In either ways he's just another one who dosen't hesitate to ask bribe in public.

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